jaana laakkonen




Jaana Laakkonen
born 1985 in Joensuu, Finland
lives and works in Helsinki, Finland


2016-2017 MRes, postgrad. master's degree in Master of Research in Art and Design Programme, Sint Lucas School of Arts, Antwerp, BE
2012-2014 MFA, University of Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, FI
2006-2010 BA, TAMK University of Applied Sciences, The Degree Programme of Visual Arts, Tampere, FI
2004-2005 Pohjois-Savon opisto, Fine Arts School, Kuopio, FI


forthcoming: 2023 HAM gallery, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2022 Breaking Water, Cincinnati CAC, Cincinnati, US
2022 The First Room Makes for Willows, K17 Space for Art And Ecology, Sipoo, FI (solo)
2021 ~=2cm, deep=~, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2021 They Inhabit While Working, Archive Books, Berlin, DE
2021 Dry drops in the floor and, MAA-tila Project Space, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2020 Hello dust - Consultations, Outo Olo, Helsinki, FI
2020 ouoùouille, Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR (solo)
2019 work like these words like this, Titanik, Turku, FI
2019 Performing arts project H., Universum Theater House, Helsinki, FI
2019 Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale: Beings With, Fiskars, FI
2018 If I change something, what is being moved?, Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, FI
2018 Research day II: Materiality of and in Performance, Theater Academy, Helsinki, FI
2018 Asemalabra (Kindness, Hospitality, Idleness) S1E2: Jaana Laakkonen, Asematila, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2017 Entangling Matter and Meaning: With/in a Box That Got Nearly Sealed - MY Dust My, Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR
2017 Alternative Acts, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp, BE
2017 Quicksand, Duinstraat, Antwerp, BE
2016 Lost Count, basis Projektraum, Frankfurt am Main, DE (solo)
2016 Sharing a Room, a Water Bottle and Who Knows What!, Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR (solo)
2016 With Leftover Agencies, HIAP gallery Augusta & HIAP Project Space, Helsinki, FI
2015 Helsinki Group, HIAP gallery Augusta, Helsinki, FI
2014 Event Handlers, Space for Free Arts, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2014 SUCH Gallery presents: Jaana Laakkonen & Paul Osipow, SUCH Gallery, Helsinki, FI
2014 KuvanKevät, Kuva/Tila, Helsinki, FI
2013 Epäilys, tapailu ja tosiasiat, Forum-Box / Monttu, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2013 Passion Play, Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki, FI
2013 And Then with Powers Combined, Gallery FAFA, Helsinki, FI
2012 Art Goes Kapakka, KuuKuu, Helsinki, FI
2012 Gourmet, Villa Roosa, Orimattila, FI
2011 Circle - New Painting from Tampere, Kunsthalle TR1 Project Space, Tampere, FI
2011 Ars Kärsämäki 2011, Kärsämäki, FI
2011 Valon kerääjät, Art Center Mältinranta, Tampere, FI
2011 Samalla seinällä/On the Same Wall, Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki, FI (solo)
2011 Sanomattakin selvää/It goes Without Saying, B-Gallery, Turku, FI (solo)
2010 Sold Out, Kunsthalle TR1, Tampere, FI
2009 Kokooma, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere, FI
2009 FACE-LIFT, Gallery Ikuinen, Tampere, FI (solo)
2009 MAAVARA, Gallery Ferrodrum, Tartu, EE
2009 Tourist Information, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere, FI
2008 Terveisiä Tampereelta!, Gallery Uusi Kipinä, Lahti, FI
2008 DIORAMA (Weberform Group), Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere, FI
2008 AVO 08, Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, Tampere, FI
2006 Minä, sinä, hän, me, te, he, Ikuinen Gallery, Tampere, FI


2021 Titanik A.i.R., Turku, FI
2018 Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, FI
2017 Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR
2016 AIR_Frankfurt at basis e.V., Frankfurt am Main, DE
2016 Treignac Projet, Treignac, FR
2013 Residency of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin, DE


2022 Finnish Cultural Foundation, working grant
2021 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Regional Fund, working grant
2021 Kone Foundation, working grant
2020 Kone Foundation, working grant & project grant
2019 Arts Promotion Centre, project grant (for group / exhibition in Titanik)
2019 Arts Promotion Centre, project grant (for group / H.)
2018 Oskar Öflund's Foundation, working grant (for group / H.)
2018 Finnish Cultural Foundation, working grant (for group / H.)
2017 Kone Foundation, working grant
2017 Paulo Foundation, working grant
2016 HIAP, grant for AIR_Frankfurt residency
2016 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, project grant
2015 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Arts Council of Uusimaa, working grant
2015 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, project grant
2012 The Arts Council of Finland, project grant
2011 Oskar Öflund's Foundation, project grant
2010 Alfred Kordelin Foundation, project grant
2010 Auno and Mauri Riuttu Foundation, scholarship


Collection of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, FI
Finnish State Art Collection, FI
HAM Helsinki Art Museum, FI